I've played in a variety of low-budget bands from 1986 until ~2002. Occasionally I get asked about them, so you can find some images and sound here.
the neem
"We are the neem. We are here for your listening pleasure."
St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1996-1999.
after recording
after recording the album, march 1999, st. louis. l-to-r: whit, dan, bryan.
dan in front of jam space
dan in front of the jam space, circa 1997.
whit in the studio
whit in the studio.
bryan in the shed
bryan jams in the weird trashed shed that smelled like urine.
bryan fickle
drums, the best vocals.
dan hewins
bass, the other best vocals.
whit schonbein
guitar, the worst vocals.
Sounds are still up at our original website.
Or you can download the Science ep here:
go that way, clay robot
Go That Way, Clay Robot was a noise improv band based in St. Louis, Missouri.
The group existed for one year -- may 1999 to may 2000 -- playing at places where you would drink wine, e.g., art galleries, sidewalks, and basements.
jesse abromowitz
laptop computer, tapes, big long orange tube, voice, and so on.
bryan fickle
percussion, bass, tapes, a handheld electronic baseball game, etcetera.
whit schonbein
sideways guitar, tapes, a big metal tin full of other bits of metal, glass bottles, and so forth.
occasionally joining with his sampling magic gizmos.
I combed through hours of recordings so you wouldn't have to:
Go That Way, Clay Robot: Loud
Go That Way, Clay Robot: Quiet

puddle slug
puddle slug, 1987. (top, l-to-r) tad johnson, scott reeder, eric lezotte, (bottom) whit schonbein
Puddle Slug was an amorphous punk band with a rotating cast, existing roughly 1986 to 1990, in East Lansing, Michigan.
eric lezotte, tad johnson, whit schonbein, at the summer jam hut.
whit schonbein, scott reeder, tad johnson, in front of the summer jam hut, 1987.
eric, whit's right leg in mirror, tad, 1987.
tad drums.
An extensive remix of every thing I could find in my collection of cassette tapes.